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About Rage Conquer

Rage Conquer is classic conquer version 5517 (only until the monk) Experience our PVP / PVE, TeamPk, Elitepk, SkillTeamPk, Capture the Flag, No chi, No Jiang events Hard Server! Drop Cps Random Refineries SubClass JOIN THIS GREAT SERVER.

Game Features

Quad hosted EU Dedicated servers, you will not find a better performing server than ours.

  • - Old School
  • - Medium Rate
  • - Long Term
VIP Features

VIP system is a monthly system that gives players a lot of advantages.

  • - Auto Hunt
  • - Auto Equipment
  • - Portal Teleport

Frequently Asked Question

Have any question about Rage Conquer ??

Conquer Online Classic Server run on version 5517.

Only VIP Characters can find autohunt icon in bag, just click over there and player will get vip setting and you can begin Auto hunting.

There are 3 ways to get level up ..

1- using PowerEXP Ball

2- you will find 2 Monster in JobCenter you can use EXPOTION and fight it

3- you will find new Map in the travel character that called [ MAP EXP Level ] in TwinCity

Every 30 minutes you will get MSSG in game calling you in spot that Bosses appear there.

We have old school System. Version 5517 then you will find 6 classes only (Taoist - Archer - Warrior - Monk - Ninja _ Trojan ).

When you decide to play Rage Conquer you will start the game with full items as a gift.

You will find many, many events in game You will join it through an automatic message that will take you to the event directly.

Every sunday when guild which will win the Guild war event will get (CPs + Token) plus Gold Prize if guild collect 3 Tokens.

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